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Michigan State University

Story Catcher

Connections between people are at the heart of Project 60/50 Story Catcher.


Every culture has its stories and good story tellers make their audiences feel more connected to history and closer to their cultural heritage. Storytelling is the best tool for inspiring people to embrace change. Diverse points of view, personal histories can be used to greatly enhance teaching and learning. Stories organize experiences and record important happenings. Stories enable people to learn about each other’s cultures, experiences, and meaningful relationships. Through the sharing of stories, people create the potential for new connections that link them together inside a new tale.

Project 60/50 invites storytelling and if you have a story you want to share on a topic of importance to you, or about someone who you admire, maybe a community activist and role model, take the time to add your story to this special collection. It doesn’t have to be a famous or historical figure who received broad recognition. It can be a parent, grandparent, neighbor, teacher, friend; it can be an historical event. It's possible that when we embrace our differences we might discover our similarities and learn from each other.

Stories will be captured in a variety of ways and Project 60/50 is looking for volunteers to help develop different methods to record and document them. All information, other than personal accounts, must be authenticated.

Story Catcher is made possible through a collaboration of multiple partners.  If you would like to volunteer to work on Story Catcher with the Project 60/50 Coordinating Team, complete and submit the Story Catcher form.