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The history and legacy of Project 60/50 is community conversations on civil and human rights.  Today, we are witnessing chaos in our communities across our nation and more than ever, we see a need for people from all racial and cultural backgrounds to engage each other in conversations that can bridge gaps between our differences and lead us to greater understanding and empathy. 

The Project 60/50 theme for the 2016-17 academic year is "Civil Discourse -- Dialogue Across Differences". As we have done successfully in the past, we will tap into new and existing efforts that are designed to create spaces where dialogue--even if it's uncomfortable--can take place respectfully and authentically inside and outside the classroom, and in our broader communities.

We encourage you to learn and practice the art of difficult dialogue with others that are different from you. There will be a range of intentionally planned activities this year designed for students, faculty, staff and community members to participate in, and many of those events will be led by trained facilitators.  There will also be opportunities for those that want to learn how to facilitate difficult intercultural dialogue.

A broad campus and community-wide calendar is now available and where you can find many of these events.  Be sure to check the calendar frequently for updates and feel free to add your events to the calendar.

The Diversity, Inclusion and Project 60/50 Calendar

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