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Frequently asked questions about Project 60/50


How can I participate in Project 60/50?

Complete and submit this online Information Form.

Who is Project 60/50 for?

Project 60/50 is for everyone with an interest in civil and human rights. It is designed to be inclusive which means that no one is excluded from participating as long as they are respectful of other’s opinions even when they may disagree.

Can students participate?

Project 60/50 includes students because they represent the future leaders of the world and we encourage them to participate and share their opinions and their talents.

Is there funding for ideas, events or programs?

Although funding is not guaranteed, there may be opportunities for participants to apply for funding to support their Project 60/50 initiatives. Details will be shared on the website and in Project 60/50 meetings when it is available.

How can I learn more about Project 60/50?

Special information meetings referred to as The Common Table, are scheduled frequently to provide updates and share ideas about ways to host a variety of conversations about civil and human rights. If you want to be on the Project 60/50 listserv, visit the website at and request to be included.

How can I get my event added to the Project 60/50 calendar?

It's simple and easy.  Use the online Information Form to request that your activity be included in the Community Calendar. 

How can I find out what others are doing or planning?

The calendar is a good way of finding out what others are doing, but another way is to attend the monthly meetings of The Common Table. These meetings are designed to give participants opportunities to network, share ideas, announce activities and stay informed of activities at Project 60/50 Headquarters.

What's in the Collaborator Kit and how can I get it?

The Collaborator Kit contains a set of graphic identifiers that collaborators are asked to use when they promote their Project 60/50 events.  It can be obtained by submitting this form to Project 60/50 Headquarters.